Osprey Nesting Platforms

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Osprey Nesting Platforms
Keen Machine & Sheetmetal
Keen Machine & Sheetmetal, Inc


Osprey Nesting Platforms




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380 Stan Dr, Melbourne




Prototype Parts & Products are our Specialty


Keen Machine & Sheetmetal, Inc is a family-owned machine shop that has been serving the Melbourne, Florida area with precision machined parts, tooling jig's, shake and vib fixtures as well as precision sheet metal parts and assemblies since 1998.

Prototype parts and projects are our specialty, although we do a variety of production runs. 

We customize in precision machining and sheetmetal work with aluminum, steel, stainless, polycarbonates, and just about any other type of material.



We'd like to introduce our new line of
Osprey Nesting Platforms! 

Perfect for any kind of bird of prey!

Featuring all aluminum construction, platforms and posts can be custom made to fit any size and situation. 

Our platforms are made to fit to light poles, telephone poles, stadium lights, or any other structure!  It's a perfect solution for relocating nests that are in an unwanted or hazardous area! Great for bird watching & conservation, you can have an attractive place for a big bird nest in your own backyard!

Osprey Nesting Platform

Keen Machine & Sheetmetal, Inc - Osprey Nesting Platform

Keen Machine & Sheetmetal, Inc

Keen Machine & Sheetmetal, Inc

Keen Machine & Sheetmetal, Inc